Dec 7, 2016 | | Test, TE
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FarWest, on behalf of the Antioch Rivertown Jamboree, I would like to thank you and your staff for the superior services you've provided for the Antioch Rivertown Jamboree. You have made Antioch Rivertown Jamboree a member of your family and we are truly thankful. As a non-profit organization, The Antioch Rivertown Jamboree has requested your products since 2003. We could not ask for better service. Each year I've been amazed by the quality of service and the willingness of the staff to assist us in any positive way they can. We really count on your service and FarWest knows how to make it all happen. No matter what, you've always given Antioch Rivertown Jamboree the highest standard of service. We are sending a very special salute to Dina Hurtado, for introducing us to your products. Her tag line to me was, I live in Antioch and I would like to see FarWest here in my town. We have been using the products of FarWest every since. We couldn't totally operate without companies like yours. Again thank you for sharing your products with the Antioch Rivertown Jamboree in your special way. We sincerely love doing business with FarWest.

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