• Our Field Technicians are accustomed to accommodating requests from government entities. For example.
    • A school district requires additional restroom facilities for each school's home games, requiring scheduled pick-ups and deliveries throughout the football season.
    • A regional park district owns and services its own facilities, but high usage at certain parks requires additional services from an outside vendor.
    • A city needs to arrange temporary facilities for a weekly summer event in a highly populated downtown square.
    • A military installation is scheduling an open house and requires TWIC cards of anyone entering the facility to set up the event.
    • Crowd control for a city's 4th of July event must be set up between 3:00 am and 5:00 am the morning of the event. Tear down must occur between midnight and 2:00 am that same evening.
  • FarWest is a local minority/woman owned small business.
  • We have a well established Safety Program that is diligently followed by all FarWest employees.
  • Multi-year contracts lock in pricing for future year budget planning in addition to ensuring very low turnover of service personnel.

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