FarWest considers the prevention of accidents to be an integral part of our operations. We are vitally concerned about the human suffering and financial losses resulting from on-the-job accidents. The active and sincere cooperation of all our employees is an essential component of accident prevention. All FarWest employees share in this responsibility. No activity performed by a FarWest employee is so important that it cannot be performed safely.

Three basic objectives underlie all aspects of our Safety Policy. They are:

  • To ensure the welfare and safety of all our employees.
  • To ensure the welfare and safety of all our customers.
  • To ensure the welfare and safety of the general public.


To meet its objectives, FarWest has the following obligations to:

  • Provide sound and established Codes of Safe Work Practices.
  • Provide a sound and established Injury/Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).
  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment that protects employees against possible injury.
  • Provide necessary safeguards for protection of our customers and the general public.
  • Provide all employees with a direct line of communication to top management on any aspect of safety that may occur.
  • Train and educate all employees in good safety practices.
  • Investigate accidents for the purpose of determining cause and taking corrective action(s) to prevent their recurrence.
  • Encourage communication of new ideas regarding safety from all employees.


The key to the success of our Safety Program is our Field Supervisors. FarWest Field Supervisors are expected to set the standard for compliance with and enforcement of our established Safety Program in the field. The Field Supervisors' safety responsibilities include:

  • Exhibiting a good and positive attitude regarding safety.
  • Assuming the safety responsibility for employees under their supervision.
  • Maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring that any necessary personal protective equipment is provided and/or immediately replaced.
  • Enforcing our established Codes of Safe Work Practices.
  • Training and assisting individual employees in safe work practices.
  • Conducting safety inspections at timely intervals to ensure safe work practices are being followed and submitting documentation of the inspections to the Safety Coordinator.
  • Investigating and properly reporting all accidents and injuries.
  • Ensuring that prompt and adequate medical attention for injured employees is provided.
  • Providing input to improve our safety program.
  • Participating in FarWest's Monthly Safety Meetings.


For our safety program to work, each employee has certain obligations with which he or she must comply. These are to:

  • Observe and comply with our Codes of Safe Work Practices.
  • Observe and comply with our Injury/Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).
  • Report any unsafe conditions to your Supervisor, Dispatch or Office Manager.
  • Immediately report all accidents or injuries to Dispatch.
  • Conduct work in a way that does as NOT endanger the employee, fellow employees, customers, or members of the general public.
  • Refuse to perform any work or task that is not completely understood, and to ask questions as many times as necessary until it is completely understood.
  • Set a positive safety attitude for new employees and assist them when necessary.
  • Contribute to making our safety program better. FarWest wants and expects input from each employee.

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