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Alex Rodriguez


Alex Rodriguez is the owner and CEO of FarWest Sanitation & Storage. He started out more than a decade ago with 50 portable restrooms, one truck, and one driver. His wife and business partner, Lola, handled paperwork and Rodriguez concentrated on sales. To the surprise of both, this arrangement quickly developed into a thriving business enterprise. Currently, FarWest boasts thousands of portable sanitation units, a substantial number of luxury restroom railers, and storage containers in several different sizes. Rodriguez has an uncanny ability to forecast industry trends, the most recent resulting in the addition of fencing and barricades.

When discussing FarWest's success, Rodriguez never failes to include the person responsible for his work ethic and outlook on life; his grandfather. "My grandfather told me there are three things you can't buy or substitute: trust, respect and love. That's something I preach to everyone who comes to work here. I want them to bring trust and respect to their jobs every day, and to leave love in their homes where their families need them. I also tell them three other things to never forget: If you lie to me, you're gone. If you cheat, you're gone. If you steal, you're gone. It's important to have that understanding from the beginning."

"Every field technician starts by learning the most important thing; how I want the toilet cleaned, inside and out. I encourage all my employees to own their work," Rodriguez said in a recent interview. "I want their standards to be high and I want them to succeed."

Rodriguez' stamp is obvious on virtually every aspect of the company. The design of his pumper truck, for example, is the result of focusing on ease of use from the technician's perspective. The entire fleet is, by far, the most attractive in the region. Rodriguez believes that the unique perspective gained by learning from the ground up is one of his most valuable assets.

When asked to comment about his overall influence on the company, Rodriguez is quick to point out his employees. "One thing I'm proud of is I have a talent for hiring excellent people. I make a point of hiring people who can work alone. I look at FarWest as a large family. Most of our people are here a long time. They are the base of our company and I'm very proud of them."

The respect seems to be mutual. When asked what it's like to work for Rodriguez, one employee said he liked the fact the Alex built the company from the ground up, so he appreciates that operating a pumper truck is very hard work. The employee was also quick to point out that Rodriguez knows every trick in the book, so you better have a good excuse for substandard work - and don't even think about slacking in the customer service department.

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